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with now Class-A player 9 year-old

 David Liu

David Liu.jpg

David had another fantastic tournament in the u2000 section of the Baku Open pushing him to the rating of 1820! I started teaching David when he was rated 221 USCF in July 2017 and after a little less than two years he's now rated 1820. He was only rated 1500+ at the beginning of the year but after a few tournaments he has consistently gained points to reach the 1820 rating. David is a very hard working student who does everything that his coach tells him to do and would even do more than the expected tasks. I am proud of this kid and I know he will be a very strong chess player. Watch out everyone!

1) How many hours do you train daily?

     David: I train around 2 hours per day.

2) How much puzzles do you do weekly?

     David: I do about 100 puzzles every week

3) What is your secret on why you're so consistent with your tournament performances?

      It's no secret, I work hard before going to a tournament. I tend to play in fewer tournaments so

      I can be fully prepared and when I play I can gain a lot of rating points.

4) What's your favorite chess training?

     My favorite chess training is doing puzzle rush and tactics.

5) What is your favorite chess book?

     My favorite chess book is Forcing Chess Moves

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