Our Team


Our students have won both national and state championships. 

They have represented the United States in world events. Last but not the least, many of our students are 

rated among the top of their age group nationally.

International Master Joel Banawa has a peak rating of 2528 USCF and 2407 Fide. He is one of the current                     ACE Arizona State Champion and was a former 2010 and 2006 Southern California State Champion.                       Joel is a very experienced  coach that has produced National Champions , United States World                                Championship Representatives State  Champions and top ranked kids in the nation. He has worked and               earned from the best trainers and players in the   world such as International Grand Master and former                   number 7 in the world Michael Adams,former US Champions   GMs Gregory Kaidanov, and John Federowicz.

Joel is one of the few players in the United States that has won two championships in two different states.

 Fide Master Jouaquin "Jake" Banawa

Jouaquin Carlos Baculinao Banawa grew up in Manila , Philippines. He won the Philippines U-14 and

U-16 yrs.old  Championship in 2001 and 2002, respectively. He tied for 4th place in World Youth Championship U-14 in 2001 at  Oropesa Del Mar, Spain. Jake, Jouaquin's nickname, also tied for first place in K-12 2005 Super Nationals  Championship in Nashville, Tennesse. He also won chess opens

like Western Pacific Open and Century West Open in Los Angeles, California. He got his FIDE Master (FM) title last 2011. He is currently finishing his accounting  degree and playing Webster University,

the #1 collegiate chess team in the United States , under Susan Polgar.

Fide Master Nelson "Elo" Mariano III

Coach Elo is one of Asia's finest coaches. His students have topped many international events and represent their country. Currently he also coaches a university and has a strong background on motivating and leadership. As a player he holds multiple outstanding achievements ranging from national championships and collegiate awards. He comes from a long line of a very strong chess family of players and coaches.

WFM Cherry Ann Mejia 

Coach Cherry is one of the most popular online coaches online. She has tons of raving review on her methodical approach towards the improvement of her students. While doing excellent coaching she is also a very accomplished players in the Philippines. Currently, she is one of the top female chess players in the Philippines