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Lesson Plans

Chess Camps

In Person Class


Skype Lesson

Elevate your game with a one-on-one chess instruction from one of the chess coaches. The coaches will be concentrating on your strength and weaknesses to push your game to the next level.

Personalized One on one chess Instruction

Rising Phoenix Chess Academy's objectives are to expose the game of chess all over the world and to develop strong talents both nationally and locally.

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Face-to-face one-on-one 

training with the

coach for the ultimate

interactive chess lesson experience at the lovely

RPCA Facility.



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(Not Available now due to Covid)



















Have the convenience of having a chess lesson from your home with a chess coach through the internet. Experience our advance training programs such as ChessBase, Blitzin and Dasher, Houdini 4, and tactics servers. 


Work on your calculation and hone your technique in our

Rising Phoenix Chess intense Chess Camp.

In the camp we do problem solving, looking at Grandmaster Games, work on endgames, and polish our opening knowledge. For the price, it is an absolute steal!  

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